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Ashley Graham, Known for Luscious Curves, Reveals Her Fitness, Diet Regimen

Ashley Graham shares some of her diet and exercise tips and how she maintains her luscious curves. (Photo: V Mag)

Ashley Graham is known for her luscious curves, but that doesn’t means she eats whatever she wants and never exercises. She has her own fitness and diet regimen and says being “consistent” is one of her top secrets.

Perhaps, surprisingly, she avoids dairy whenever she can.

She has prepared meals sent to her, when she’s busy on the road on a modeling job, which helps her stick to her no dairy routine and other health choices.

“I try to stay consistent throughout the year, and when I have a heavy week I have meals delivered to my house so that I’m making healthy choices. But I try not to eat dairy,” she told People.

Ashley Graham knows how to fill out a bikini, but sometimes she says even she feels a little self-conscious on the beach. (Photo: Ashley Graham/Instagram)

Graham, who is married to Justin Ervin, just posted a revealing video on social media overflowing a tiny bikini at a Memorial Day holiday pool party.

Graham broke into modeling in 2001 when she was signed by Wilhelmina Models. Her breakout came in 2009 when she appeared in Glamour magazine.

The feature, titled “These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size,” included plus-size models Kate Dillon Levin, Amy Lemons, Lizzie Miller, Crystal Renn, Jennie Runk and Anansa Sims.

When asked about her favorite food she said it is “fresh avocado with sea salt and olive oil.”

Ashley also revealed she is no gym rat. Sometimes she’ll go for a couple of weeks between trips to the gym.

“I haven’t worked out in a couple weeks but I still feel great,” she says.

A number of recent studies suggest that moderate exercise is better in the long run that intense workouts every day.

Although Ashley feels “great” with her appearance, she has admitted when she first steps foot on the beach in a bikini she feels slightly self-conscious.

“I mean, of course like any girl when you get to the beach or the pool and you go, ‘Oh, I have to take my cover-up off, crap.’ And you feel like everybody’s watching, and then you just go, ‘Oh fine, I’ll just take it off.’ And then all of a sudden you get comfortable and go, ‘Okay. Another piña colada,'” she says.

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Ashley Graham is All About Her Curves (Click Photos to Enlarge!)