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Kirsten Dunst Comes Up With a Diet for Those Who Don’t Like to Diet

Kirsten Dunst Comes Up With a Diet for Those Who Don't Like to Diet 1

Kirsten Dunst says she can’t diet because she has a hard time sticking to a plan. So how does she maintain? (Photo: Vogue Italia)

Kirsten Dunst has always been comfortable in her own skin and has enough movie nude scenes to prove it. But surprisingly, she doesn’t stick to a strict diet to maintain her figure. She’s come up with a diet for those who, like her, hate to diet.

It’s not like she hasn’t tried.

“I’m actually very bad,” she says. “Even before Cannes [Film Festival], I was like, “I’m going to get good for Cannes!” I didn’t eat bread for a few days, and then it all went bad on the plane.

“I just cannot diet, so I don’t,” she tells Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Kirsten Dunst Comes Up With a Diet for Those Who Don't Like to Diet 2

Kirsten Dunst doesn’t go overboard with dieting and still manages to maintain her shape. (Photo: Vogue Italia)

Instead, she says she nurtures herself. That means she’s not afraid to settle down in front of a television with a bowl of pasta.

“I like bad television. I watch really bad things. I nurture myself with television and pasta. Food, friends, TV … I live very simply. I like staying in. I’m a homebody,” she explains.

Two years ago, she gained 20 pounds to play a role in the movie “Fargo.” Afterward, she shed the weight in eight weeks.

She consumed all of her carbs for breakfast and post workout to give her body the fuel it needed to meet her energy needs without storing carbohydrate induced body fat.

She did, however, draw the line on processed carbohydrates like cookies, crackers, bread, and refined carbs that cause blood sugar to spike and trigger your body to store fat.

Dunst is mesmerizing in a new trailer for the upcoming drama “Woodshock.” It’s about a woman who deals with a crushing loss through the use of a cannabis-related drug.

She’s at her most erotic and sensual best yet, equaling her mesmerizing film “Melancholia.”

Check out her movie trailer below.

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