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Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan Got Fit to Strip With This Diet, Workout Plan (Video)

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan Got Fit to Strip With This Diet, Workout Plan (Video)
Wellness Trainer Ramona Braganza poses with 50 Shades actor Jamie Dornan, who followed her fitness and diet plan during shooting for the last two films in the series. (Photo: Ramona Braganza/Instagram)

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan just didn’t walk onto the set and throw off their clothes for the hot naked sex scenes in their “50 Shades of Grey” movies. They trained and dieted with top wellness coach Ramona Braganza. Believe it or not, she kept them camera sharp with a 25-minute workout.

“I trained them when they arrived in Vancouver for a total of five months. It was to film both [50 Shades] Darker and [50 Shades] Freed, so we did both movies back to back,” she explains in a new interview.

“I worked out with Jamie once or twice a week, and with Dakota I would work out four times a week.”

Wellness coach Ramona Braganza has trained such celebrities as Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds. (Photo: Ramona Braganza/Instagram)

That’s commitment.

But wouldn’t you do the same, if you were going to be oogled by millions without a thing on?

“Jamie actually trains on his own continuously for all of his stuff, so when he showed up, he was very close to what the producers imagined Christian Grey to be,” Braganza told Healthista, a UK health and fitness Web site.

“With Dakota, she’s very lean anyhow. She’s such a graceful, lean looking woman, and I just kind of accented that because that’s really what Anastasia is like. She’s a college girl; she’s not a gym rat.”

Braganza is a veteran celebrity trainer who has worked with Amanda Seyfried, Paula Patton, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Dominic Cooper, Tom Welling and Dania Ramirez, among others according to Braganza’s Web site.

In each case she uses what she calls her ‘3-2-1’ workout regime, according to the site.

Braganza tailor the workout to each actor. Johnson wanted to be toned, which required working against resistance. In her case, she used light weights, typically five pound hand weights involving high reps and intensity.

“She did hot yoga on her own twice a week, and my strength training four times a week. Towards the end, she did a lot of her own cardio on the treadmill, and she had a ballet coach that came the last month to prep her for her next movie,” she added.

Dornan worked mostly on his upper body, but overlooked his legs, a common mistake.

Ramona Braganza details her diet and workout plans. Click on the photo to buy the book. (Photo: Amazon)
“Training Jamie’s legs was the one thing I was gonna make sure that we did at least once or twice a week because it made a difference in the long run on how lean he looked,” she explained.

As for diet, Braganza said she followed her 3-2-1 nutrition plan, which is based on proportions, when to eat, smaller meals and more meals.

“If you’re thinking breakfast, complex carbs like oatmeal and a poached egg are great. [I recommend] leaner meat and fish, salads, and definitely eating in a way that the food is grilled, not fried,” she said.

“Every now and then, you have that glass of wine, but you’re not drinking a bottle of wine every night. You have to just moderate yourself.”

What, a bottle a night is too much? Oops!

Check out the video below, let us know your thoughts and click over to Healthista, for the full interview, plus photos detailing Braganza’s workout.

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