Jenna Dewan Tatum Reveals Her Dancer’s Workout Tips for a Tighter Butt (Video)

Jenna Dewan Tatum has danced her way into a film career after she broke into show business as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. Dancing makes up the core of her workout, but there’s one area she focuses on–her butt.

“I work my literal ass off for my ass! That’s the way it is,” she says in a new interivew.

“When you dance all the time, you’re constantly using that muscle. When you stop dancing that much, that’s the first thing that goes,” she explains.

So, we focus a lot on that because everyone likes a perky butt.”

“Also, my stomach after baby is something I have to put a lot of extra effort into. So, for abs, Jennifer does these exercises where you’re in a plank and you move your legs all different ways and it engages you,” she tells Health magazine.

Tatum, who is married to actor Channing Tatum, does dance-based workouts with her Los Angeles trainer Jennifer Johnson. She specializes in using dance as part of a workout routine.

It has more benefits than one.

“She makes it fun for me,” says Tatum. “If it’s not fun, I won’t go. We dance, we do routines for 45 minutes to an hour, whatever time we have. It depends on the week, but if I get one or two workouts in, I’m happy.”

As far as body image goes, Jenna has her own philosophy.

“I despise the word ‘perfect,’” she says. “People always ask, ‘What would we be surprised to know about you?’ I’m not just messy, I’m messy. I actually can’t even have people ride in my car right now, it’s so bad.”

Johnson, aka JJ Dancer, has also trained Jessica Alba and other Hollywood actresses. She began her career as a professional dancer and toured with Beyoncé, Kanye West and Pitbull.

She worked with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson before going out on her own. Today, she shares a private studio with Pilates instructor Elizabeth Ordway.

Johnson’s workouts include a dance cardio warm up and a session with weights and mat work.

Her technique is “an energetic, high-intensity workout that focuses on building long, lean muscles and torching away the fat,” according to her Web site.

“This powerhouse workout is the next level of fitness training. It brings intense body conditioning, calisthenics, and kickboxing together with a fun, hot and sweaty dance party,” she says.

Check out Jenna’s photos and the videos below. For the full interview check out Health magazine.

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