Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm: I Don’t Give a Fu*k About Gaining Weight

Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm: I Don’t Give a Fu*k About Gaining Weight
Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm gives a big F-U to the pressure models face to be thin. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Bridget Malcolm knows the pressure models face to remain thin, but she’s taking a different road to body acceptance. “I have gained weight. And I do not give a fu*k about it,” she says in a statement on her Web site.

The Victoria’s Secret model reveals how she learned to “free” herself from obsessing over her figure, and stop being so harsh on herself when it comes to her body.

“My life is so much more than my jean size. And every day when that voice in my head tries to tell me I am worthless, it gets a little easier to shut it down. I am setting myself free slowly,” she says in her post, titled “My Road To Body Acceptance.”

Surprisingly, Malcolm was once trolled on social media for being too thin. She says she actually eats a high fat diet. She writes on he blog:

I think the idea that fat is bad is complete bull. Fat is an extremely important macronutrient – we need it for healthy hormone function, strong hair, skin and nails, not to mention our need for fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Plus it makes food taste delicious, and keeps us satiated. I am a huge advocate for healthy fat in our diets, and I wish it were less vilified.”

She says she tries to get fats through foods naturally.

I love avocado, olives and nuts. Walnuts and macadamia nuts in particular are a good hook up of omegas. When cooking I choose a high quality olive oil or avocado oil. If you eat fish, enjoy wild salmon regularly. A good, high quality algae oil is a great call for the vegans out there – just to make sure you hit your requirements. Plant-based food sources contain the precursor ALA, and it has a low conversion rate to the important DHA – so make sure you supplement here!”

The 26-year-old Australian star explained she was able to change her outlook and live her life without pressures from herself or other people.

“If body talk came up with friends, I shut it down and refused to engage. If I felt the need to look in a mirror, I read a book instead. When I was ordering food for dinner, I ordered what I wanted. And strangely enough–the need to gorge myself is slowly fading away. But most importantly, when I saw my body reflected back at me, I said nice things to myself. I chose to empower my self.”

Bridget, who is 5’11”, says it is easier to try to fit to a certain image, and follow what she called “the ego path.”

“I looked at my life, and I realized through obsessing over my body I was selecting the easy path. I was choosing to focus on externality, and ignoring the larger picture. I was choosing the ego path,” she explains.

Malcolm was discovered when she was 16 and had a break out year in 2015 when she was walked for Polo Ralph Lauren, Issam Topshop Unique and David Jones. She also appeared in half a dozen editorial spreads.

She also debuted in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show the same year. Last year, she was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for January in a photo spread by Jason Lee Perry. She it the runway again in 2016.

She practiced ballet for 13 years and is a classically trained musician. She studied Oboe at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Bridget Malcolm Sultry in Silk (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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