Hailey Clauson Goes Bare for Beach Bunny Swim: Her Diet, Workout Tips (Photos!)

Hailey Clauson Goes Bare for Beach Bunny Swim: Her Diet, Workout Tips  (Photos!) Hailey Clauson is a top swimsuit model for good reason. She explains how she diets and exercises to stay in shape. (Photo: Beach Bunny)
Haley Clauson Diet, Exercise
Hailey Clauson is a top swimsuit model for good reason. She explains how she diets and exercises to stay in shape. (Photo: Beach Bunny)

Hailey Clauson is an all American California girl who has rocketed to the top ranks of fashion models. Although, she’s walked runways in New York for a number of top brands, she’s best known for her sizzling swimwear photos. Her latest spread is hot enough to cause a Spring thaw.

Clauson, 23, models Beach Bunny Swimwear’s summer 2018 line. Here’s how she maintains her swimsuit figure.

Hailey Clauson Sizzles
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Ford Models signed the willowy 5’11” model on the spot at an open casting call in Los Angeles when she was just 15 years old. She was noted at the time for her mature look and was compared to supermodel Karlie Kloss.

She debuted on the runway for the Spring 2011 season. She walked for Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace, Lanvin, Christian Dior and Hermès.

Soon after, Clauson was signed by Gucci and was featured in Dsquared2’s Spring campaign.

Clauson reached super star status when she was featured on the cover of the 2016 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which also published separate covers that year with Ronda Rousey, and Ashley Graham.

She has a few diet and exercise rules she likes to follow.

The first is simple: Choose a fun workout like boxing:

“I try to always mix my workouts up with fun, new routines. No one should dread working out, so it’s important to find a regimen that you are comfortable with and caters to your body and schedule. I’m currently really into boxing. My boyfriend is actually my personal trainer; [he’s] a trainer at the boxing gym, Overthrow NYC. I think a lot of models are picking up boxing because it’s a fun way to exercise, but it’s also a full-body workout.”

When it comes to diet, she’s all about eating right, and that often includes quinoa bowls and lettuce wrap tacos.

“I know that [it’s] such a common recommendation, but I’ve definitely found that eating healthy, substantial meals is the way to go. In my experience, crazy crash/fad diets leave you feeling and looking tired and are simply not sustainable. I try to grocery shop every Sunday and buy fresh produce. My go-to meals are a quinoa bowl full of veggies and lettuce wrap tacos.”

Like everyone else, she sometimes finds it hard to get up and get motivated to exercise. Here’s her simple tip:

“Downloading good, upbeat music keeps me going throughout my workouts and gives me motivation to keep going—even when I think the workout is too tough. I love listening to hip-hop during an intense cardio workout, and I always love me some Missy Elliot.”

Drinking water throughout the day is essential, she says:

“Not only does it keep you hydrated throughout your workout, but water also plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy! Water provides much-needed moisture to your skin and helps prevent wrinkles and dryness. I make sure to stay hydrated because it keeps me feeling good all day and usually helps with my immune system—especially when I’m traveling.”

Vitamins are also key to her healthy lifestyle. She explains:

“I think vitamins are extremely important and such an easy and healthy way to keep your energy up and make you feel good. I take a multivitamin along with coconut oil and dandelion root. Dandelion root helps with your energy levels and helps to lean your midsection. I definitely notice a difference when I don’t take my vitamins, so I’ve tried to make it a part of my daily routine.”

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