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Justin Theroux Follows Cardinal Rule of Fitness — Work at Something You Enjoy

Justin Theroux Fitness Tips

Justin Theroux follows a simple rule to stay in shape. Make your workout something you enjoy. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Justin Theroux follows a simple formula to stay fit that everyone should emulate. Pick an exercise you enjoy. In his case, he uses his love of boxing to stay in shape.

Theroux, 46, best known for his roles in “The Girl on the Train,” “Zoolander” and “American Psycho,” talked about his workout routine in a recent interview with Men’s Health magazine.

He admits he loves sparring in his spare time and says the boxing keeps him fit and healthy, although he has to stop himself from getting too competitive between the ropes.

Believe it or not, he often spars with a female trainer.

“I hate getting hit. And she’s so fast, a better boxer than me, by far. It’s so frustrating. A couple times she really rang my bell. And I was a combination of hurt-slash-pissed,” he tells the magazine.

“Am I gonna cry or knock her head off? But I couldn’t touch her. Too quick. But I see that a lot in sparring. People get pissed, get emotional, and that’s kind of the point of sparring: Keep breathing, remain loose, not tense,” he adds.

One thing is certain, Justin has had a lot of tension in his life recently. He split from wife of three years, Jennifer Aniston, four months ago.

They got engaged in 2012 and married three years later.

When he’s not boxing, Justin is in the gym for an hour five days a week, working on his abs, doing circuit training and dead lifting.

The Hollywood hunk also spilled on his attitude to life, insisting he likes to make spontaneous decisions.

“I happened to be driving by a skydiving school once and decided to go skydiving. A split-second decision. It wasn’t anything I planned. I always wanted to ride a motorcycle across Europe. I’ve done that three times now.”

That probably drove Aniston crazy. Part of the reason the couple split was a disagreement over whether to live in New York City, Justin’s favorite, or Los Angeles, where Jen has a home.

For more, check out Justin’s interview in Men’s Health.

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