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Demi Lovato Fell Off Wagon After Firing Sober Coach; Just What Is a Sober Coach?

Demi Lovato Teen Choice Awards

Demi Lovato is still recuperating in the hospital as more details emerge about her overdose. (Photo: Getty_

Demi Lovato’s downward spiral leading to her heroin overdose, July 24, apparently began when she fired her sober coach three weeks ago. She last appeared on stage on Sunday at the 2018 California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, Calif., and appeared out of it then. She even forgot the words to her new song.

The 25-year-old singer is currently recuperating in hospital after falling unconscious and nearly dying following a 24-hour bender that allegedly included alcohol, methamphetamine and heroin.

Demi Lovato Fell Off Wagon After Firing Sober Coach; Just What Is a Sober Coach?

Mike Bayer is CEO of Cast Centers and a personal development coach. (Photo: Mike Bayer)

Lovato infamously melted-down on a 2010 South American tour with The Jonas Brothers and spent four weeks in rehab. When she emerged, she revealed she was bi-polar, had suffered from eating disorders fueled by drug and alcohol abuse.

She decided to let all her ills hang out and spoke out publicly about her experiences to help others suffering from the same issues and swore off alcohol and drugs.

She remained sober for six years.

But problems reemerged around the first of the year when she reportedly had a falling out with sober coach and counselor Mike Bayer.

Known by various terms, such as sober companion, sober coach, or recovery coach, Bayer’s job was to provide one-on-one assistance to newly recovering drug and alcohol abusers.

There is currently no formal sober companion oversight and accountability, and no required formal training or qualification, according to addiction industry groups.

Bayer, known as “Coach Mike,” is Founder and CEO of CAST Centers, according to his Web site. He describes himself as a personal development coach

“She and Mike started having arguments back in March,” a source told London’s Sun newspaper.

“He felt like she was always making excuses for herself, her bad behavior and not telling him the truth about what she was up to. He called her out on her shit, which she did not appreciate,” the source said.

She reportedly fired him after a final big argument. “It has been very ugly and messy as this guy was like ‘her rock’ that she leaned on after she and Wilmer [ex-boyfriend actor Wilmer Valderrama] broke up,” the source continued.

After that, her behavior deteriorated. Before her first stint in rehab, Lovato was known to have a hair-pin temper and later admitted using cocaine.

“She has been alienating people all around her, but she is very much well liked in Hollywood – people just want her to get well and get help,” the Sun source said.

Demi signaled all was not well when she released her single “Sober,” last month. The lyrics are an apologia for falling off the wagon.

Following her Sunday show, the party moved to her Hollywood Hills home where she partied until she fell unconscious.

Her family is now desperate to get her back into rehab.

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