Kim Kardashian-Hyped Cinderella Shoes by Yeezy Could Damage Feet ‘Irreparably’

Kim Kardashian-Hyped Cinderella Shoes by Yeezy Could Damage Feet ‘Irreparably’ Kanye West's Cinderella shoe, hyped by wifey Kim, can lead to major foot damage, doctor warns. (Photo: CHF Collage/Instagram)
Kim Kardashian Cinderella Shoes
Kanye West’s Cinderella shoe, hyped by wifey Kim, can lead to major foot damage, a leading podiatrist warns. (Photo: CHF Collage/Instagram)

Kim Kardashian has been hyping a fashion accessory that could lead to “irreparable damage to your feet,” and it’s none other than hubbie Kanye West’s new clear plastic “Cinderella” shoe line.

Kim has been wearing everything from clear plastic stelettos to thigh-high boots made of plastic, and other celebs, such as Beyonce, Chrissy Teigen, and Rihanna have been spotted wearing them as well.

Kristen Stewart, who reps for Chanel, was spotted wearing the brand’s Cinderella shoe at the Cannes International Film Festival earlier this year.

A photo posted on Instagram by a user shows how moisture builds up in a plastic ‘Cinderella’ boot. (Photo: Instagram)

But West, who likes to think of himself as fashion guru, failed to take into consideration the health effects of confining your feet in plastic, especially during the hot summer months.

Podiatrist Suzanne Levine issued a health warning today, saying the fashion trend could cause “irreparable damage,” according to London’s Daily Mail.

“You are putting your feet at serious risk by essentially wrapping them in non-breathable plastic,” says Levine, who runs New York City’s high-end podiatry practice, Institute Beaute.

The shoes cutoff all air circulation around the foot, creating a moist environment that can exacerbate preexisting fungal conditions or bacterial infections. The shoes are also prone to causing blisters, she says.

Levine says she’s seen a spike in patients with conditions called hyperhidrosis and bromohidrosis==bacterial infections that create foot odors–since the shoes have become popular.

Fashion Bible Vogue raised red flags about the trend months ago.

“With a plastic shoe, you don’t have flexibility. They are very, very hard. Feet naturally swell in the afternoon, so a person can go from a size-7 to a size-9, and plastic shoes don’t expand with the foot,” Dr. Rock Positano, director of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, told the magazine.

For those who are too fashion conscious for their own good, Levine urges plastic shoe wearers to take precautions, such as adding some sort of drying agent to the shoe. She recommends an antiperspirant, or spray powder, and limiting the time they’re on your feet.

Better yet, “wear them when the sun goes down, only for a few hours at a time,” she advises.

Kim was recently spotted wearing clear, thigh-high boots, a Yeezy creation that cost $950, but Levine cautions against them, calling the fashion trend “foolhardy.”

“Start off with the shorter pairs. I don’t recommend diving straight into the full boot,” she advises.

So-called Cinderella shoes are one of hottest trends this summer and a number of designers, such as Chanel, have added them to their lines. Kardashian who wore a version from Yeezy accessorized with a gold cross anklet last month. (see photo)

Ironically, Kim was criticized by some on social media for displaying the cross that way, which some claim is disrespectful.

“Let’s face it, it’s not a Cinderella shoe. It’s the one way to not go to the prom,” says Positano.

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