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Jennifer Aniston Throws Her Weight (Loss) Behind New Diet, Exercise Routine

Jennifer Aniston is following a radical diet plan to maintain her svelte figure. (Photo: Angela George)
Jennifer Aniston is following a radical diet plan to maintain her svelte figure. (Photo: Angela George)

Jennifer Aniston looks as fit at 50 as she did during her “Friends” television days. She says her latest health and fitness regime includes an extreme diet that health experts have both praised and critcized.

She credits her health to “intermittent fasting.”

She goes without food for as long as 16 hours a day and confines eating to the remaining eight hours,

“I do intermittent fasting, so there’s no solid food in the morning. I noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours,” she tells Radio Times.

“Today, I woke up and had a celery juice. Then I started to brew some coffee, but I don’t drink coffee that early,” she explains.

Intermittent fasting (IF) has drawn mixed reviews from experts.

Studies conducted mostly with rats found that the technique caused weight loss and produced a number of other health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

But the effects have been lest dramatic in humans, according to The Harvard Medical School.

“IF is safe and incredibly effective, but really no more effective than any other diet. In addition, many people find it difficult to fast,” it reported on its medical blog.

“Research suggests that the timing of the fast is key, and can make IF a more realistic, sustainable, and effective approach for weight loss, as well as for diabetes prevention.”

IF hinges on how our bodies breakdown carbohydrates, particularly sugars and refined grains (think white flours and rice).

Unused carbohydrates, which are broken down immediately, are store as fat. But insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas, also plays a key role. Insulin brings sugar into the fat cells and keeps it there.

Between meals, as long as we don’t snack, our insulin levels will go down and our fat cells can then release their stored sugar, to be used as energy. We lose weight if we let our insulin levels go down. The entire idea of IF is to allow the insulin levels to go down far enough and for long enough that we burn off our fat.

But diet alone doesn’t keep her trim and fit.

She pairs her extreme diet with an intense exercise routine. She boxes for aerobic exercise and also follows a “strong strength and conditioning regime” using weights.

“This consists of high reps with light weights and we’re also very big on resistance bands, her trainer Leyon Azubuike explained in an interview last year.

“Our sessions are about an hour and they consist of three distinct phases: warm up phase, work out phase and a cool down phase.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Morning Show’ star recently admitted that her hectic work schedule and personal life have made it impossible for her to find love.

She was romantically linked to actor Tate Donovan between 1995 and 1998.

She married actor Brad Pitt 2000, but marriage hasn’t proven to be her strong suit.

They divorced in 2005 amid some recriminations and torrid rumors– just as hotly denied– that Brad cheated on her with Angelina Jolie.

Aniston shot down tabloid reports she refused to have children.

“Nobody did anything wrong… It was just like, sometimes things [happen],” she told The Hollywood Reporter. She called the marriage “seven very intense years” of “a beautiful, complicated relationship.”

She took the plunge, again, when she married actor Justin Theroux in 2015 after dating for four years. The marriage lasted less than two.

Since their separation, she says she’s back to focusing on her career.

“I’m very busy. For now. I’m promoting [‘The Morning Show’]. I’m prepping for next season.”

And, she’s letting her friends know she “hates it” when they try to play matchmaker.

“Hey, listen, I just don’t like being set up. I don’t like it. I hate it.”

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