Miranda Kerr’s ‘Super Healthy’ Lockdown Diet Includes This Morning Kick-Starter

Miranda Kerr’s ‘Super Healthy’ Lockdown Diet Includes This Morning Kick-Starter Miranda Kerr has always been diet conscious, but during lockdown, she's ramped up her game. (Photo: Bang Showbiz)
Miranda Kerr has always been diet conscious
Miranda Kerr has always been diet conscious, but during lockdown, she’s ramped up her game. (Photo: Bang Showbiz)

Miranda Kerr has always been a health-conscious eater because of her career as a supermodel, but during the COVID-19 lockdown she ramped up her game by including this morning kick-starter for her whole family.

Knowing how easy it is to pack on pounds during the pandemic because of inactivity, she says she’s trying to “eat super healthy.” She’s also included her family in her diet routine of nutritious meals.

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The 37-year-old model and Kora Organics founder is a huge fan of the cookbook “Cleanse to Heal” by Anthony William.

Cleanse to Heal by Anthony William
Miranda Kerr is a big fan of the book Cleanse to Heal. Click the photo to buy it from Amazon.com. (Photo: Amazon)

She has been serving up dishes from it to her husband Evan Spiegel and children Hart, two, Myles, nine months, and nine-year-old Flynn during the quarantine.

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“I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I love finding new recipes. I’m making lots of fresh organic veggies and grilling some vegetables, making stir fries and salads,” she told website She told Australian website NowToLove.

“I’m trying to eat super healthy at the moment, and I’ve been really into cooking that way. Then I can add something else for the kids or for Evan.”

“In today’s world, there are poisons and pathogens that threaten our health starting before we’re even born, and they continue to hold us back as we encounter them in our everyday life,” Williams writes in his book.

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“Cleansing is a vital tool for fighting against these burdens–as long as you go about it the right way,” he adds.

“If I’m just having soup and salad and tater tots, then I can add some salmon or chicken for them, or rice or avocado,” says Kerr.

But this is the one thing she used to start the day for her whole family… celery juice.

“We all have celery juice in the morning,”she explains.

“It’s interesting, because at first I was like ‘Really, would that make such a difference?’ But Hart, my nine-month-old drinks it, Myles my two-year-old drinks it, Flynn drinks it and so do Evan and myself,” she says.

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Just what is it about celery juice that it plays such a large part in their lives?

William, who has also written a book on the powers of celery juice, calls it a super cleanser.

Celery Juice by Anthony William, Buy it Here
Celery Juice by Anthony William, Click photo to buy it on Amazon.com

“Celery juice is revealing itself to ignite healing when all odds seem against it. What began decades ago as a quiet movement has become a global healing revolution,” according to his best-seller “Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time.”

“The overlooked, underestimated, underused herb (yes, herb) that you know from occasional tuna salad, stuffing, or ants-on-a-log snack, is far more powerful than any one realizes–if you know how to apply it to your life,” he writes.

William believes the juice is an unparalleled healing elixir. In fact, he’s featured it in all three of his books.

Arthritis, gout, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues and other medical conditions all respond to the juice. The secret to celery is its so-called “sodium cluster salts.”

Even if you are on a low-sodium diet, drinking celery juice is still beneficial, he says. “The sodium cluster salts in celery juice are able to neutralize toxins as they are floating through our bloodstream and organs,” he asserts. “Toxic heavy metals are a particular type toxin that cluster sales in celery take on.”

“Sodium cluster salts also fight unwanted bacteria and viruses.”

But a downside also exists.

“With 88 milligrams of sodium per cup, celery has a fairly high salt content for a vegetable,” according to livescience.

Dieters should be careful not to overdo it on celery because it is so low-calorie and could lead to malnutrition. And while fiber is great for you, too much can cause bloating, gas and diarrhea.

For more, check out his books online.

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