Brad Pitt Motorcyle Wreck Latest in Celebrity-Paparazzi Crashes (Video)

brad-pitt-motorcycle1Hollywood’s hottest hunk, Brad Pitt, narrowly avoided injury as he rode his motorcycle in Los Angeles Saturday (Oct. 24) and was hit from behind by a photographer trying to chase down the “Inglorious Basterds” actor.

The accident was the latest in which a celebrity has been involved in a car crash that somehow involves aggressive driving by pursuing paparazzi, intent on getting a photo that could be worth thousands of dollars, if not more.

Earlier this month Nicole Ritchie was hurt after being rear-ended by paparazzi, according to Beverly Hills police.

A week before her, (Oct 4) Lindsay Lohan was transported to a hospital for minor injuries after she crashed her car into another while being pursued by a swarm of photographers. It was at least her second paparazzi-related wreck.

Country singer LeAnn Rimes was in a minor accident last month, and her reps also blamed the swarm of cameraman.

Britney Spears has had at least one paparazzi-related wreck,  and Nicole Kidman said she went through a horrifying ordeal in 2007.

Testifying in court, Kidman said she was relentlessly pursued by men who were even jumping medians and running red lights to get a photo of her.

Even the late Michael Jackson’s children had close call with pursuing phographers, who rear-ended one of the Jackson’s security vans.

Brad Pitt Rides His Motorcycle Around LA

Brad’s Bike is Towed After Paparazzi Crash

Children Paris, Prince-Michael and Blanket were riding in another car being driven by their nanny when the crash occurred. They were not hurt.

In Pitt’s incident, sources said the paparazzo hit Pitt from behind, pushing him and the bike forward into another car. The slight collision caused Pitt to lose his balance and the motorcycle toppled over, according to web site

Pitt was able to get up and right the motorcycle. He pushed the heavy bike to the side of the road and then ran into an apartment building, according to TMZ, quoting witnesss.

Someone picked him up a short time later, sources said. Pitt left his bike at the scene and it was loaded into a two truck later.

The photographer and Brad spoke to each other after the crash, and Brad didn’t seem too upset, according to Web site The bike appeared to be damaged. The LAPD had no knowledge of a crash.

Pitt was photographed earlier on Saturday morning riding in Beverly Hills, and frequently rides one of several motorcycles he owns around LA.

While the accident apparently can be chalked up as a fender bender, motor vehicle accidents involving celebrities and pursuing photographers appear to be growing in number.

In most cases, the accidents are caused when Paparazzi slam into the back end of a celebrity’s car.

Ritchie, 28, was rear-ended by two photographers driving in a car behind her and she suffered some injury to her neck. The damage to Richie’s Land Rover was said to be moderate.

Freelance photograher Edwardo Arrivebene, 29, the driver of the car that rammed Richie, was arrested and charged for driving without a license. Arrivebene’s car was also impounded.

Lohan was also transported to a hospital for minor injuries after she crashed her car into another vehicle with paparazzi in pursuit.

A passenger in Lohan’s car and the driver of the car she hit suffered moderate injuries and were transported by ambulance to an undisclosed hospital.

Witnesses said that dozens of paparazzi had been following Lohan’s car before the crash, according to the AP.

A backlash against aggressive paparazzi behavior led to the passage of a bill that Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has just signed into law.
The anti-paparazzi measure makes it easier to sue media outlets that use photos that invade celebrities’ privacy.

A law has been on the books for a decade, under which paparazzi who illegally or offensively take photos or recordings can be fined.
The new law permits lawsuits against media outlets that pay for and make first use of material they knew was improperly obtained.

The amendment takes effect in January. Hopefully someone won’t be killed before then.

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