Bridget Malcolm Arresting in VS Lingerie

BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 07
Bridget Malcolm has taken a strong stand on body acceptance. She doesn’t worry about gaining weight and follows a high fat diet, but the right fats, she says.

(Photo: Victoria’s Secret)

Bridget Malcolm Sultry in Silk (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
Bridget Malcom VS Lingerie Thumb 06BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 05BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 04BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 03BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 02BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 01BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 07BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 08BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 09BridgetMalcolm-VS-Lingerie-Thumb 10
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