Lohan vs. Lohan: Is Lindsay Hooked on Prescription Drugs?


Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, has ramped up charges that his daughter is abusing prescription drugs and is now threatening to seek a legal guardianship.

The legal procedure would be similar to the one granted to the father of Britney Spears.

The threat is the latest escalation in a feud between the two that Michael has taken to the tabloids. In his latest claim, he is fingering feel-good doctors and the Internet for her alleged drug problem.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious matter especially in Hollywood. In the past two years Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson and Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ AM, have died from overdoses of legally prescribed drugs.

The errant dad claims Lindsay has found it easy to obtain prescription drugs, which he claims she is addicted to, because medical professionals prescribe them too freely.

Michael has been warning about LiLo’s alleged drug use to any media outlet that will listen.

He added that he is seriously considering applying for a conservatorship order – which would put him in charge of Lindsay’s personal and professional affairs – if things do not change.

“There’s different ways of seeking conservatorship – if someone’s threatening themselves, or might harm themselves, or can’t make decisions for themselves. If it gets to that point, I’ll have to prove the reasons I need it and then we’ll all know,” he said.

Ex-wife and LiLo momager Dina Lohan claims that Michael has no idea what his daughter is up to because they are estranged. She asserts that he is strapped for cash and behind of child support payments, suggesting he’s making a play for Lindsay’s money.

The scenario Michael paints is essentially the same as Britney Spears’ breakdown. Her father, Jamie, was awarded legal guardianship over his adult child and still controls her every move, including career and finances.

But unlike Britney, Lindsay is fighting back. She’s vowed to get a restraining order to prevent contact with her father. She calls the drug allegations ridiculous.


This time, Michael took his concerns to an Australian radio station.

“It’s horrible. When a child is growing if they have some kind of a psychological or medical problem it is diagnosed and you get something like Ritalin or Prozac, then they diagnose it at that age. That is medical fact. You don’t all of a sudden develop it at 18,” he said.

“Doctors and the internet have to be held accountable. The people selling these drugs… they’re so readily available it’s insane. Once they get in your system, they’re harder to detox from than illegal drugs,” he added.

Michael says he will not stop until he has helped the 23-year-old actress “get her life back.”

Lindsay appeared in court last week in relation to her 2007 driving under the influence (DUI) charge, and Michael is unhappy about the way she was treated.

Her probation was extended by a year to give her time to complete alcohol education classes, but Michael thinks she should have been sent to rehab.

“I want to go out and speak to the judge who let Lindsay walk out of the courtroom without any kind of a drug test or anything.

Seeing the condition she was in when she walked into the court… if you’re on probation and you did that you’d be in jail. A better resort would be rehab, Lindsay needs a rehab to get off the prescription drugs,” he said.


Lindsay has slammed her father for making up what she calls “excessive lies.”

The ‘Mean Girls’ actress said she doesn’t want her dad in her life because of the “hurt” he has caused her in recent months.

“I’m so hurt that someone who calls himself my father, needs to use the press to communicate with me,” she said.

“I have not spoken to my father, nor have I responded to his threatening and erratic messages over the last several months. It’s so sad that he needs to stay in the media spotlight by using my name and making up excessive lies. He should instead try to be a real father.”

Family and friends are said to be concerned for her health. While Lindsay says she doesn’t have a problem with prescription drugs, those close to Lindsay are worried about her erratic behaviour and are urging her to get help.

“It’s not even being considered by Lindsay, it’s not even on the cards for her,” a source said.

Ironically, Lindsay has been more productive recently than she has been in the last year and a half. She is working on a film, promoting a tanning spray and acting as a consultant to fashion house Ungaro.

But at a charity event at the Whitney Museum in New York this week, she looked haggard. Her skin and hands  appeared to be showing the effects of her notorious chain smoking.

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