NY Housewife Bethenny Frankel Blogs About Baby Weight

Happy Spring!

Hi everyone,

Does it feel like, “my pregnancy won’t end?” Some people feel that way, but honestly, I’m really loving it. I think it is an incredible experience, and if you embrace it, you really learn so much about yourself and your body.

I thought I would hate it and instead I think it’s terrific. When I was approaching my eighth month, I was exhausted and frankly, it was brutal. Right after my wedding, the wheels fell off and I swelled like a balloon. This was both scary and alarming.

Truthfully, I think the stress and salt and flying did me in. My face was literally deformed so much that I look like a different person in parts of “Bethenny Getting Married?” (my upcoming show on Bravo!) I can’t wait. I think you’ll love it.

I thought this is what the last 8 weeks would be like, but now I’m back to normal. I’m less deformed, I have energy and a third wind in this pregnancy.

I’ve been doing yoga, walking a tremendous amount and feeling fit. If you hate working out, simply go for very long walks on weekends. I will walk to Tribeca one day, Chinatown the next, have lunch and then walk back. It is such a great, enjoyable workout.

Of course, having to pee every two hours while I’m trying to get a good night’s sleep is maddening. A lot of you tell me that we wake up every two hours to prepare our bodies for baby. All I know is the kid keeps pressing on my bladder. How annoying!!!

Another thing you were right about is the nesting phase. I’ve been getting rid of, editing and organizing everything in my house particularly the baby’s room. Oh, and I’m officially married, because we spent two hours on Sunday at the Container Store. Life will never be the same.

As far as food, I believe I was consuming too much salt. In normal life, salt doesn’t affect me. Well, now it does. I cut back on the sodium-rich soups, seafood, pickles, and red meat, and I’ve simplified my diet. I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian and it has really de-bloated me. I’m much better off now.

My recipes from “Naturally Thin” and “Skinnygirl Dish” have been the perfect healthy choice to indulge yet still feel healthy.

This week on the Today Show on NBC, I will be talking about cravings and sharing some of my healthy recipes. Be sure to tune in, this Monday, April 26th during the 10:00am hour with Hoda and Kathie Lee.

I also purchased an elliptical machine, so I can work out at home once the baby comes. I can just see that I won’t want to drag myself to a gym.

The elliptical, along with light weights and my “Body by Bethenny” DVD, should get me back in shape in no time. It comes out on May 4th, but is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

I’ve included a behind-the-scenes photo in this newsletter, but if you want to see more of them, just visit my facebook fan page.

I’m so excited that I don’t know the baby’s sex! What an incredible surprise. Then there are all my other questions: Will I go into labor early? When can I have a Skinnygirl margarita again? So many unknowns…

It has been great going through this with all of you. It has taught me and prepared me for everything. Thank you for that.

I’m sure you’ve been watching the Housewives. Pretty crazy huh?! I am really trying to focus on my own show and my new married life. I’m so happy and so excited! Be sure to pick up a copy of this week’s OK Magazine.

It is the first week of my NEW weekly column “Bethenny Dishes” and has an “ask Bethenny” portion as well as an article about friendship and a healthy shrimp recipe!

More soon. Happy spring everyone!

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